7 ways to spark children's creativity

7 ways to spark children's creativity

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Painting, drawing, writing, creating, manufacturing, thinking, dreaming, playing ... These are all processes that awaken children's creativity and help them develop their ability to grow and enhance their analytical and problem-solving skills. Creativity must be stimulated from the early stages and with this we will be favoring children's learning.

There are extremely creative children, who do not need to be stimulated because they constantly think and devise different ways to play or do their homework. Others are not so, but for all there are guidelines that parents can follow to empower and feed them.

1- Not holding back the child: many times we stop the child's ingenuity to avoid disasters such as not staining with tempera or that the floor ends up full of plasticine. It is convenient to prepare a corner where they can get dirty without problem. Either by placing a plastic tablecloth on the floor or newspaper.

2- Brings art closer to the child: It is not only convenient to go to museums, but we can also show them the pictures that other artists have painted through books or even the Internet. In addition, every time the child draws a drawing + we can delve into it and urge him to tell us why he used those colors or why he drew that in this or that way.

3- Invite the child to think for himself: don't tell him how to do it or what colors to use. Let him try colors or shapes and help him with advice and guidance but not force him to follow dictations.

4- Do not correct the child: He may paint hands with three fingers and huge heads, but this is his way of doing it, he is in the process of learning and is outlining his drawings. If we constantly correct him, he can become frustrated by feeling that he is doing it wrong.

5- Let me think crazy- Encourage him to express crazy ideas or nonsensical things. He is developing his wits.

6- Encourage their tastes: use their interests to develop activities around them. If you like trains you could create a cardboard train or if you like acting you could prepare a performance.

7- Talk and ask the child: You can ask him questions about how he thinks airplanes fly or what it would be like to live in the age of dinosaurs. You will enhance their fantasy and creativity.

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