Board games that help the child to be more sociable

Board games that help the child to be more sociable

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Playing is one of the Rights of the Child that we must preserve, but that does not mean that we should not manage the leisure time of the little ones. We have found in table games the best way to keep them away from the computer or television throughout the afternoon.

Board games have multiple benefits for children. Some of them stimulate their creativity, others their intelligence, others their ability to strategize and most encourage social relationships between children. But they all have one thing in common and that is that they all provide the fun our children need.

That play is one of the essential elements for a healthy development of children is something that we already have clear. But we can also find many benefits in traditional board games directed towards its character. Shy children or the most outgoing children all come together on equal terms around a board game.

It is true that some board games have great potential to promote values ​​such as friendship and cooperation and that they more easily create bonds of union between children. That is why we have selected some of those games that help children to be more sociable.

1. Pictionary. This game is ideal for fostering the sociability of children, although creativity and ingenuity also play a role. It is a team game that consists of drawing what is written in a card while the other team tries to guess what he means.

2. Gestures. It is very simple, the classic mime game that helps the child to 'loosen up' and gain confidence in himself. Words are written down on a series of sheets. It can be cartoon movies, professions ... one of the participants takes a word at random and has to represent it by means of gestures. I can not speak. The others will have to guess it.

3. Jungle Speed. It is a card game with tribal aesthetics that even includes a totem where relationships between children are fostered through dynamic and super fun instructions. The cards are dealt between the players and are revealed as quickly as possible until they appear two equal cards which is when the two players try to take the totem that is in the center.

4. Augustus. This game is from more original table games because it is a traditional bingo redesigned with historical airs. Players compete to maintain control of the different provinces of the Roman Empire in a fun environment that promotes a taste for history.

5. Party. If there is a board game that works for social relations among its players, that is the Party, one of the most demanded by children and adults. Is a multi-test game where ingenuity, skill, culture and also chance are put to the test. A must for all families.

Laura Velez. Editor of our site

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