Children prohibited. Child phobia reaches transportation

Children prohibited. Child phobia reaches transportation

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Singer Sarah Blackwood She was traveling on a plane with her 23-month-old baby, bound for Vancouver. Seven months pregnant, he was unable to calm his son's crying. The child would get up from his seat, enraged, and would not stop crying. Before taking off, the flight commander decided to eject the mother and her son. The flight, they later said, "was not safe under those conditions." However, just when they made that decision, the little one had fallen asleep, and the passengers unconditionally supported the mother. Why kick him off the plane then?

This lack of patience with children (coupled with the lack of education of many children), leads to the creation of 'child-free' areas in many means of transport. A recent movement that already has a name: child phobia.

The 'ninophobia' movement started in bars and restaurants. Many of the customers complained about the continuous running of children through the establishment, their unpredictable comments, their screams ... Then it was the turn of the hotels, hotels that decided to prohibit access to children by all those other people who they cannot bear to hear the insistent cry of a baby with nocturnal colic problems.

And in the end, the movement reached transport: zones enabled in trains or planes for all those who do not want to share their seat, not even close, with families with children.

It is very respectable that there are movements that defend the right not to have children. Having a child is an important decision and it is not an obligation, of course. There is a group, the NoMo (No Mothers), which already extends to many countries. In England they even have a platform (Gate Away Women), founded by Jody day, to give support to all women who decide not to be mothers and show that this is not a selfish or unnatural gesture.

What I can't understand is that the right of a family to be able to travel and choose a seat in first class, to be in a certain area of ​​the train, or to visit that hotel that they were told so well about is limited. And the rights of children who cannot enter all those places? And, above all, in what corner was tolerance, patience and empathy abandoned? That a child cries is not the problem. That a person is not able to bear that crying and decides to throw him out of a place, he is.

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