The blind chicken. Games for kids

The blind chicken. Games for kids

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Who, ever, has not enjoyed and played blind man's buff? It was one of my favorite games. In the beginning I was always a little scared, of slipping and collapsing, but in the end I had a wonderful time. In addition, it has helped me a lot to realize many things, among others how difficult it is to move around without being able to see like others.

Through games, children can not only have fun but also learn to count, add, read, share, be surprised, overcome difficulties, be persistent, have resistance, and value every moment and situation. In the same way that a child can stop being afraid by playing detective with flashlights during the night, he can also learn many things with the game of blind man, jumping rope, etc.

Usually this game is indicated for children from six years of age. To play it, you only need a scarf or blindfold to cover the eyes, and the more children participate, the better. They stand in a circle, holding hands, and choose by lottery or by everyone's choice, the "blind man's buff" or the one who will go to the center of the circle with his eyes covered.

Then, after circling three times on itself, the "blind man's buff" will try to catch a little friend. The group will be able to move around to prevent the chicken from catching one but it is advisable not to let go of the hands. When he manages to catch a friend, and recognizes him, he will exchange his role with him. The point is that the little chicken recognizes its friends by touch, and that it does not remain blindfolded for long.

The origin of this game lies in ancient history. It can be seen represented in the Goya or Brueghel paintings. Among the many benefits it provides, it allows children to have fun, perform physical exercises, interact with their friends, develop tactile attention, improve their perception of space and their agility. Well, if you dare to have your child play blind man this weekend, here is something to get you started: Little chicken, little chicken, what have you lost in the haystack? A needle and a thimble ... go around three times and you will find it.

Vilma Medina. Editor of our site

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