Giraffe mask. Carnival Crafts

Giraffe mask. Carnival Crafts

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Giraffes are funny animals in the eyes of children because of their great height. To have an original costume you can imitate this animal with a cardboard giraffe mask. A different proposal for Carnival.

To make this craft you need very simple materials, with a little cardboard you can have fun making a different and colorful mask. The best choice to celebrate one of the children's favorite parties.

  • Yellow card
  • Brown cardstock
  • Black card
  • Pink cardstock
  • Pair of scissors
  • Glue
  • Pencil
  • Brush
  • Elastic rubber

1. Cut out the template for the giraffe mask. Don't forget to trim the inside of the eyes. Place it on a yellow card and mark the silhouette. Cut out the mask, you can download the template HERE.

2. Cut out the interior elements of the mask: the nose, the nose, the ears, the horns and the spots (if you want to arrange them you can number them).

3. Mark the silhouettes, horns and spots in brown, the muzzle and ears in pink and the hair in black. Number the spots following the template to place them in their original position.

4. Glue the ears and horns to the head using the tabs. Make it so that they are the same distance from the center.

5. Glue the ears and nose onto the yellow card to match the silhouette. Place the hair on top and stain according to the order, or however you like it best.

6. Make two holes in the sides with an awl. Pass a rubber band through one of the holes and tie it around the back. Do the same with the other to hold the mask, and it is ready.

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