Grandparents-kangaroo: the last generation

Grandparents-kangaroo: the last generation

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A few days ago a copy of Franco Voli's book fell into my hands, The art of being grandparents, who discovered to me that the secret of happiness of grandparents-babysitters is their vocation, their choice to want to take care of their grandchildren, without feeling this activity as an obligation.

Caring for your grandchildren they feel useful, this activity encourages them to move, to leave the house, to laugh and to fight. Many they forget their pain and its ailments and, above all, they feel accompanied, something very important since the feeling of loneliness is currently a pandemic among the elderly, which drops from 26.8 percent to 13.4 percent when they take care of their grandchildren.

According to a study carried out by the Imserso, 22 percent of grandmothers and 24 percent of grandparents now support their children in caring for their grandchildren. Of those who do, 44 ​​percent perform these tasks every day, and 30 percent, several times a week.

The first reason they become babysitters for their grandchildren is, in 41 percent of cases, the working hours of their children, incompatible with family life, according to a survey conducted by Messengers of Peace among a thousand seniors. The second, with 35 percent, is the lack of financial resources to pay for a nursery school or hire a caregiver.

And it is to have the help of grandparents to cover the increasingly long working hours it is an advantage for many parents, because school and work schedules are incompatible. Thus, this study finds that 33 percent of parents go to work before school opens and 59 percent leave the office after schools close their doors. But above all, it is a benefit for the grandchildren.

Contact with grandparents, guardians of family memory, provides them with a inexhaustible source of affection, care and education. Grandparents also have their emotional rewards and most recognize that the task assigned allows them to feel useful, contributing with their dedication to the insufficient social action of the State.

However, sociologists warn that what works for today may not work for the future. While now the last generation of housewives with the first of working mothers, In a few decades it is not very clear that these new mothers want to play the same role as today's grandmothers-babysitters.

Marisol New.

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