Head lice nightmare for parents

Head lice nightmare for parents

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Lice, those tiny parasites that nest in the hair of our children, which spread easily and multiply at full speed, have proven to be a real nightmare for parents, as we have been able to verify the entire team of reading the many experiences that you, the parents, have told us.

My head is already itching just thinking about them as I read all the experiences of the parents, some of them really funny. And it is that, as on other occasions, although it is bad at the moment, then when you relive it we all have fun remembering the situations as subjective, committed or absurd.

Most parents who have had an experience with children's lice at home would not want to repeat it. For many, the first lice infestation of your children was a surprise, it appeared suddenly and to combat it, the first attack treatment against the plague was a home remedy. Spreading olive or baby oil, mayonnaise or vinegar have been the most used home remedies. While some reported how due to the vinegar they were smelling of salad all week, others had to wash their children's heads up to 4 times to remove all that layer of fat from their child's head. However, some parents have gone further by using the vacuum cleaner to remove the lice from their child's head and another mother recalled how, when she was a child, her mother sprayed her hair with insecticide, put a cap on her and spent the whole time like this. night.

And it is that the hysteria that lice produce in mothers is unparalleled. One mother related that she only needed to start screaming in the middle of the street when she discovered that her daughter had a whole head full of lice and called a fumigator because when she got home she started to wash absolutely everything that was washable, lifted mattresses, furniture , sheets, curtains, cushions and bedspreads with the aim of not leaving a live louse at home. A few days later, a father told us how nervous he made him to see his son scratch his head with 'true passion', while another mother told us, still upset, that her son came home telling us that bugs were falling on the books at school, but when one day while having a snack she dropped one on her plate, she almost gave her something.

The contagion to the rest of the family members is another recurring theme in your experiences, which causes a lot of nervousness. A mother left us with our mouths open when she recounted how she cried when during a wedding she noticed that her mother, her daughter's grandmother, had all her headdress full of bugs. At the same time, we received another email asking for help because her son had caught them while pregnant.

But if there is something in which all the experiences reported agree, it is that lice are very heavy to remove, very annoying. When it seemed that they had all disappeared, you pass the comb again and find one, many of you have told us. And is that the issue of resistance to pediculicides is not to take it as a joke. A desperate mother on the verge of a nervous breakdown asked us for help saying 'I've tried everything, and they're still there'.

Marisol New.

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