The astronomer. Aesop's Childhood Fables

The astronomer. Aesop's Childhood Fables

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Children's stories help develop your children's imagination and creativity. With fables, children will discover morals, very interesting little lessons in the form of fun stories.

The Aesop's fables They are very popular with children as they are short and entertaining. In children's stories, children will find valuable lessons that serve to educate in values ​​such as honesty or solidarity.

An astronomer had the habit of walking every night studying the stars. One day he was wandering around the outskirts of the city, absorbed in the contemplation of the sky, he suddenly fell into a well.

While wailing and shouting, a man happened to pass by, who, hearing his laments, approached him to find out his reason; aware of what happened, he said:

-My friend! Do you want to see what is in heaven and do not see what is on earth?

Moral: It is good to look and know our surroundings, but first you have to know where you are.

If you know any other fable for children and want to share it with us and the other parents, we will be delighted to receive it.

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