What do dads and moms talk about?

What do dads and moms talk about?

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When I was young and my older brothers came home with my nephews, we shared stimulating moments of conversation, but, finally, my brothers always ended up talking about their little ones or asked grandmother about colic, indulgence, colds ..., I I thought to myself 'but don't they know how to talk about anything other than their children?' When I have children, I will not be so monothematic.

Ha, ha, ha ..., this purpose has come to nothing, because I have discovered myself a thousand times talking about my children or my family events with other parents. Could it be that we are no longer interested in topics such as politics, neighbors, friends, work, etc.? It is not about that, it is about sharing experiences about our children greatly motivates us and has taken a priority place in our lives.

Maybe some people can't understand us, but with children, the topics are inexhaustible: pee, food, school, teachers, clothes, mischief, education, childhood illnesses and home remedies. The helpful conversations about time have been surpassed by our daily experiences with our children, how expensive life is, it is a much more nourished conversation when we incorporate the expenses of having children, sports and leisure are aimed at obtaining an answer. of family enjoyment, viruses are an inexhaustible mine of shared moments, tricks, remedies and advice ...

Dads and moms are of course interested in many other topics, but somehow we are formed as parents through the experience of other people who are in the same situation and, therefore, our children are the preferred topics of conversation because we share and we learn from others and we have the opportunity to convey our concerns, pride or joy at having a little person in our charge.

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