Solo games for kids

Solo games for kids

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There are children who do not know how to entertain themselves and need the continuous attention of their parents. Others just enjoy going outside to play with the other children. And still others are delighted to play alone. The case is to play and have fun, since it is one of the fundamental rights of children.

As long as it is not for a matter of shyness or social maladjustment, the child must also learn to play solo, a playful activity that brings many benefits to the intellectual and emotional development of the child. We wonder what children play when they are alone and what are the advantages of solo games.

It is not about avoiding traditional games or outdoor games with a lot of children together. But children should also learn to play alone because it encourages their independence Y autonomy. By playing alone, the child learns to solve situations by himself and that can later be applied to other areas of life.

One of the biggest advantages of solo games it is observed in the development of creativity and imagination. The child who plays should only squeeze his imagination to have fun and at the same time stimulate his creativity by developing playful situations without the help of other children or adults.

Playing alone also has benefits for him Emotional development of the child. In solo games there is no pressure from others, there are no impositions, no fights, or competition for being the center of attention. From this point of view, playing alone can be beneficial for the child's self-esteem because he feels more secure and learns to believe in himself and his abilities.

- Puzzles. Puzzles are one of the games that bring the most benefits to the cognitive development of the kids. Concentration and attention are enhanced, visual acuity and memory are stimulated and you learn to manage resources.

- Construction. Classic building blocks sets are great for stimulating children's creativity. With these pieces children can be architects or inventors using their skill, his wit and also your imagination.

- Game console. The game console is probably the favorite toy for children today and, despite its detractors, 'the little machines' also have their benefits. Adults are responsible for choosing the games that they can use on the console and between football matches, they can always find a game of strategy or solving mysteries.

- Toys. There are countless toys, such as the classic dolls, farms, fire station or even islands that keep children entertained playing almost alone, with the company of children. characters and his imagination. There is no reason to give up traditional toys because they are usually the ones that attract the most attention of children when they are alone.

- Costumes. A good collection of costumes in the child's room can give him the best afternoons alone, imagining and creating movie situations. It is ideal for the most imaginative children who know how to make up stories and also live them.

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