How to detect vision problems in the child when reading

How to detect vision problems in the child when reading

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Take a good look at how your child reads, because you may be able to detect a vision problem early. A child's way of reading can reveal signs of poor vision. For example, when he gets too close to the book or if, on the contrary, he moves too far away.

We tell you what you should observe in your child when reading to detect a possible problem of myopia, amblyopia or astigmatism.

1. The child moves too close or too far from the book. In this case there may be a focus problem. The child may not see well up close or, on the contrary, may have trouble focusing the letters when moving away.

2. Is restless. He does not stop moving and 'making time' while reading. This may be a symptom that the child has eye coordination problems, as occurs for example in cases of strabismus, or that both eyes are not working properly (in this case it could be due to an amblyopia problem).

3. Gets tired right away. Give up reading after a while. When the child is not able to focus words well, he loses interest in what he is reading because he makes a lot of effort to recognize the words and ends up getting tired.

4. They take a long time to copy a sentence they read. This can be seen especially at school. Children with vision problems are not able to copy what the teacher points out on the board because they are unable to focus on it well.

Faced with any of these symptoms, it is best to consult an expert and evaluate the child's vision problem. The sooner the problem is detected. before it can be corrected or find a solution. And this will undoubtedly have a direct impact on their school performance.

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