10 Danish names for girls

10 Danish names for girls

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When choosing the name of the baby, many families are very clear that they want to continue with the family tradition. Others, on the other hand, prefer to innovate and seek a nice name and original according to the personality of your girl.

We have searched among the Scandinavian names for the best Danish names for girls. They are very attractive, sonorous names with a very interesting original touch. This is our list of 10 Danish names for girls in which you will surely find the perfect name for the baby.

1. Karen. This is one of the most popular Danish names and it means 'pure'as it comes from a more familiar Greek name, Catherine. In this Danish version, the name is more modern and seductive.

2. Fiona. Besides being the name of an island in Denmark, Fiona is also a girl's name which means 'clean'. We like it because it is original and fresh and has a very attractive musicality.

3. Inga. The name is one of the best ideas for girls. Its meaning is related to 'the heroes' and it is a variant of Ingrid. In both cases they are very seductive and charming names.

4. Aneka. It is the Danish variant of a name of Hebrew origin that means 'full of glory' and that is more familiar to us like Ana. But in this variant the name gains in sweetness and sophistication.

5. Erika. It is one of the most popular and strongest Scandinavian names as it has transcended borders to become one of the frequent names for girls all over the world. Its meaning is related to 'eternal power' and his male version is Erik.

6. Sorine. This Scandinavian name has a meaning related to 'the God of thunder'. It therefore belongs to those names in mythology that are surrounded by charm and that are the most enigmatic.

7. Gardine. The name is typically Danish and has a meaning related to 'the stars of the garden'. Both for its meaning and its musicality it is one of the most attractive names for girls.

8. Grette. The name is one of the most popular among girls from Scandinavia. Its meaning is 'pearl' and we like it because it sounds modern, original and with a lot of personality.

9. Astrid. This name that means 'Be loved for God' It is one of the most sophisticated and distinguished Danish names for girls. In addition, it is not extravagant but at the same time it has not been worn down by use.

10. Ellinor. We are facing one of the multiple variants of a name of Celtic origin that means 'bold' and that we know better for being a princess name like Leonor. In this Danish version the name gains in originality and charisma.

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