In pregnancy, do not drink a glass of alcohol

In pregnancy, do not drink a glass of alcohol

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Alcohol is a legally accepted drug, which has a large number of social users, who are far from being alcoholics, who are characterized by drinking alcohol occasionally and by not knowing the effects that alcohol can have on a developing baby when women get pregnant.

And it is that the developing fetus has a tolerance of 0 to alcohol and any minimum amount that the pregnant mother ingests can affect the neurological development of her baby, leading to diseases related to conduct disorders such as autism or deficit disorder. attention and hyperactivity (ADHD).

These are some of the conclusions reached by a group of researchers from the University of Murcia, in Spain, who have established a direct relationship between alcohol and pregnancy. This study has revealed that the prevalence of pregnant women who consumed alcohol during pregnancy was 55.7 percent, a not inconsiderable percentage, although this figure includes both pregnant women who had light consumption and those who did. excessively.

The consequences of alcohol consumption on pregnancy are many and are not exactly without risk. Alcohol easily crosses the placental barrier, quickly coming into contact with the fetus. But since the baby's body is immature and does not have the necessary enzymes for its elimination, the levels in its blood can remain elevated for longer than in maternal blood.

Most authors agree when stating that the risk of alcohol intake exists throughout pregnancy, with damage to both organogenesis and the maturation phase being possible. Therefore, the consequences for the fetus will vary according to gestational age. As a general rule, malformations occur in the embryonic period and neurological defects and stunted growth in the fetal period.

The damage that alcohol can cause to the baby at different stages of pregnancy have been the subject of different studies. One of them has concluded that low doses of alcohol increase the risk of eye damage and facial abnormalities. Furthermore, a proven fact is that there is a direct relationship between the dose of alcohol consumed and the risk of congenital defects and other harm to the fetus. Without going any further, gestational age and low birth weight decrease as the amount ingested increases.

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