Family Christmas holidays. Travel to prague

Family Christmas holidays. Travel to prague

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Prague is a good choice to travel with the family at Christmas. The city of a hundred towers turns into a snow paradise with Christmas markets surrounded by decorations and lights.

Families with children traveling to Prague can enjoy a wide range of activities free. In addition, the city offers an incredible view of its Christmas decorations from the heights of its castles and towers.

1. Nativity Scene in the Cathedral of San Vito. Families visiting Prague at Christmas will be able to see the nativity scene in St. Vitus Cathedral. It is one of the most important monuments in the city. The views from the top of the cathedral tower are a true Christmas postcard.

2. Market in the Old Square of Prague. From November 27 to January 5. Parents and children can enjoy the authentic Christmas atmosphere in the Old Square. It is a huge market with wooden stalls with Christmas decorations and colored lights. Here you can try the Christmas sweet, Trdelník, made with flour and cinnamon. If you go up to the tower of the town hall you will be able to see again a panoramic view of Prague dressed for Christmas.

3. Chocolate Museum. Families who spend Christmas holidays in Prague can enjoy a journey through the history of chocolate. Entry for parents costs around € 8 and children over three years € 2.

4. The small town (Malá Strana). It is one of the oldest districts of the Castle. At Christmas it is colored with lights and Christmas decorations. On your Christmas route through Prague, you cannot miss a stop at the Church of St. Nicholas and for parents who are fans of pop, a visit to the Wall of John Lennon, Musician and singer of The Beatles.

5. Prague Castle. It is the largest castle in the world and the most important monument in the Czech Republic. It is an authentic medieval treasure that will make parents and children fall in love. On this Christmas family holiday route, you cannot miss this mythical symbol of Prague.

Prague offers a wide range of Christmas activities and most of them are free. So if you are thinking of traveling with your children this Christmas to Prague, you already have a route to enjoy as a family.

Paula Guinot. Editor of our site.

Consulted Source: Tourist Office of the Czech Republic.

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