Autumn short stories for children

Autumn short stories for children

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How can we teach our children the seasons? We can help each other with games, songs and even stories. The stories can help the children imagine an autumn scene in which the leaves fall, the colors are brown or it rains more.

In We have selected a series of short stories that occur in autumn for your children to associate the season of the year with the climatic changes it brings.

Here is a selection of stories and fables that happen in the fall for your children to learn more about the seasons.

The chestnut tree. Autumn tale for children. The chestnut tree. This story is very helpful in fostering children's love of reading as they learn about fall.

Change of seasons. Change of seasons, a story to read to children. Tales for children about the seasons of the year. A story about how the seasons change to go from summer, to autumn and from this to winter and then to spring.

The great miracle. Stories written by parents for children. our site shares the story 'The great miracle', which tells of the great miracle of nature. The birth of a butterfly. New stories from our readers. Publish your story on the internet.

The fox and the grapes. The Fox and the Grapes Fables are a good resource for educating children. This fable teaches children that many times to get what we want we have to face difficulties and that we should not lose interest because of them.

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