5 myths about butter

5 myths about butter

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Many food cause doubts as to their effectiveness in health. Eating one or the other can help us to be healthier inside and out, and others should be out of the diet if we want to keep the line and not suffer from diseases. But for this, in addition to its benefits and disadvantages, we must also know the myths that surround them, as with the Butter.

Although the butter consumption It can be linked to gaining weight, it is a food that has many advantages for the body. The first of them is that it is rich in monounsaturated fats, something essential for the body because they are those that we have to ingest.

On the other hand, butter is also a food rich in vitamins and nutrients that ingested in small amounts can help body balance. If it is abused, like any other food, it will be the moment when the body notices the negative changes.

1. Margarine is better than butter: It has always been wanted to make it clear that margarine is healthier than butter, but now this statement raises your doubts. There are two aspects: the experts who claim that butter is healthier because it has less manipulation in its process and because it does not include trans fats and those who argue that margarine is healthier because it has less saturated fat. Both have more or less the same proportion of fat, only that they are from different sources. Butter is animal fat while margarine is made from a mixture of vegetable fats.

2. Butter is bad for the heart: Recently it has been reviled that butter, like the consumption of red meat, is not harmful to the heart if consumed in small quantities.

3. Butter is fatter than oil: Actually, it is not true that oil and butter have too different caloric intakes, so consumed in not too high quantities should not make you fat.

4. Butter only contains fat: butter is actually more than the fats it is made of, since it is a dairy product, which is made from milk, but also has vegetable oils.

5. Don't eat butter: the properties that butter contains are absolutely necessary for the body, and also, as with all foods high in fat, butter is good if eaten with knowledge and not excessively.

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