What is a lunar eclipse

What is a lunar eclipse

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Look at the sky. It is the best advice we can give someone because all our dreams and many of the answers are in heaven. Children's whys are often related to what they see in the sky and eclipses are the phenomena that arouse the most interest.

A lunar eclipse It is something worth observing but, do you know what a lunar eclipse is?

1. What is a lunar eclipse? Celestial phenomena attract a lot of attention, but we do not always know what is really happening. A lunar eclipse is much more common than a solar eclipse and also easier to behold. It occurs when the full Moon gets dark because the Earth stands between the Sun and the lunar satellite. The Sun, the Earth and the Moon are aligned and the Earth prevents the sun's rays from reaching the Moon.

2. How many types of lunar eclipses are there? To better understand what happens in a lunar eclipse, we can do the experiment at home by placing a ball between a light and a wall. We can look at the shadows that are projected onto the wall because that's how a lunar eclipse works. There are two types of lunar eclipses. The first is the partial eclipse, when only part of the moon is hidden. The second is the total eclipse, when the entire surface of the Moon is obscured by the shadow cast by the Earth.

3. How can you see a lunar eclipse? Contrary to what happens with the solar eclipse, a lunar eclipse can be seen from anywhere on the planet where it is at night, as long as clouds don't stop us. And you don't need to use special eye protection. Lunar eclipses are also more frequent than solar ones, so we can enjoy them as long as it is not cloudy.

4. What is a Supermoon? Another special phenomenon that occurs with this satellite is the Super moon, less frequent than the lunar eclipse and much more spectacular. It occurs when the full Moon is located at the closest point to the Earth and we can see it larger, more luminous and, sometimes, tinged with a reddish color that is impressive.

5. Are there lunar eclipses on other planets? Yes. On Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, there are also lunar eclipses. On Mars, they can only be partial, because its moons are so small. In contrast, lunar eclipses on Jupiter occur quite frequently, since it has four moons. Other planets, like Mercury and Venus, do not have satellites, so it is impossible for them to have lunar eclipses.

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