Against abuse of grandparents in the family

Against abuse of grandparents in the family

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Many families with children receive the help of grandparents. Nowadays, grandparents replace parents in many of the tasks that they cannot carry out due to lack of time, such as picking up the children from school, giving them a snack, helping them with their homework ...

Reconciling work and family life is sometimes so complicated that it is impossible to get to everything and grandparents are an excellent help when they do it voluntarily, without feeling pressured by their children.

And it is paradoxical that while for some children the work of grandparents with their grandchildren is so important and vital, that all they think about is how to compensate them, in other families abuse and mistreatment in old age is a reality. In these families, older adults, who are victims of violence, have a higher incidence of stress problems, anxiety attacks, phobias, panic, somatization disorders and depression, their integrity is affected and they feel very vulnerable.

It should be noted that the factors that make the elderly person vulnerable to abuse are the low levels of economic income that forces them to live with others or to depend economically on them, the loss of the social role and the low self-esteem that derives from everything it.

The social studies that have been carried out on this problem also add a curious fact, which leaves them defenseless. In general, older people do not recognize or do not identify having been victims of some type of abuse and do not report it because they do not know how to do it, either due to physical handicap, for fear of losing the support of their family or for shame of making their public situation, but the main cause is because, in general, it is their own blood who should be denounced.

The main abusers of the elderly are 44 percent of their own adult children, the spouses represent 14.6 percent, the current partner (emotional and / or sexual) 9.7 percent, and other relatives (daughter-in-law, son-in-law). , etc.) 17 percent. It is necessary to highlight that the ages of the aggressor children fluctuate between 26 and 45 years and are 68 percent male. In the family sphere, the type of violence that is mainly used against older adults is psychological abuse, up to 95 percent. The most frequent aggression being insults (85 percent), humiliation and devaluation (66.3 percent) and death threats (40 percent).

The abuser is usually the person who 'takes care of' him or lives next to him, and can be a family member, a neighbor, friend or the person in charge of an institution. Therefore, it does not surprise me that the most painful thing for grandparents is that the attacks come from their children or grandchildren, whom they have helped to train and in whom they have placed all their hope of having a pleasant and balanced old age.

Currently, social conscience is the only thing that can change this situation of disrespect for grandparents. Society has a very high cult of youth and tends to exclude and marginalize older people. To all this we must add the lack of public policies, adequate social and health resources, without forgetting that pensions and retirements are not in line with the needs of the elderly. The time has come to change all this, we can all contribute to it from our own family.

Marisol New. Editor of our site

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