Children fearless and unafraid of danger

Children fearless and unafraid of danger

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There are children who love challenges. It seems that the more difficult they are, the more interest they arouse. When my middle brother put something on his head, he did not fall asleep thinking about it and did not rest until what he managed to do.

On the one hand, I think that is good because it shows that the child intends to fulfill his wishes and goals. On the other hand, it can represent the occasional headache for the child and their parents.

One of the memories that always resides in our family reunions is the comings and goings of my middle brother. Pablo has always been the most fearless of us all. For him there were no barriers, obstacles or dangers. One of his biggest challenges he faced was when he won his first bike, at the age of 6 or 7.

Together with his friends, he decided to go down a very accentuated street near our house, and at full speed. They did so. Some overcame the challenge with an A, but others, like my brother, suffered major falls and knocks. My brother broke his nose because because there was a curve at the end of the descent, his new bike stayed on the curb, and he flew over it and hit a tree trunk. Uff ... I thought my mother was giving something when she saw it. And me ... What a bad drink!

So are some children. They are not afraid of anything, nor of doing anything. They are intrepid, fearless and bold children, who make their parents' legs shake. I wonder if these children are like this by nature or why their parents failed to discipline and impose limits on them. Or is it that the adrenaline level of these children is higher than normal, that they cannot control or control their impulses. In addition, they are usually very intelligent children and dedicated to sports. I say this for my brother who always won medals for tennis, swimming, ... and despite his "mischief", of a good son and brother, above all.

I am convinced that children, mainly boys, have this 'spark' and this lack of control higher than normal, in large part, by their nature. My brother has been brought up in the same way as our little brother. And it is not that this did not have its impulses, but those that it had were oriented to other challenges. Luckily, over time, my brother Pablo has matured, today he is a serene and calm man. Unrecognizable!

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