10 mistakes parents make with children's homework

10 mistakes parents make with children's homework

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From the age of 6, children begin to come home with small tasks to do outside of school hours. As courses progress, they tend to increase in volume and become more complex, they are the well-known homework.

Parents often take these homework personally and teachers complain that they are the ones who do the homework and not the children. In the attempt to help the children study and carry out impeccable homework they interfere excessively. Besides this, there are other mistakes that are often made.

1- Do our homework: What is obvious to us, children can find it very difficult. We have to let them reason and give an answer. Faced with a child's block, we can guide, but not give them the answer. They will get used to it and will want us to always proceed like this.

2- Do your homework anywhere. The child should have a quiet and comfortable place to work. If we change places or surroundings every day, it will be more difficult for him to concentrate.

3- The distractions. The child must be in an environment away from stimuli: a brother who plays around, the television on, talking on the phone with him ...

4- Constantly scold them if they do it wrong. We must relax and avoid making the child nervous because in the end we will be able to block him.

5- Leave homework for the last minute. If the child has a very long schedule and comes home late, homework will suffer. At night it is not the best time to do homework because the children are tired and unfocused.

6- Protest for homework. If every time our children bring homework they hear from our lips complaints about the amount they have, they will also acquire that habit.

7- Not having a fixed schedule to do homework. The routine when doing homework is important, so we will also organize the child's afternoon and we can set a free time after or before homework.

8- Do not let the child rest if you have too many homework. It's okay to give him a break so he can clear his mind to resume his homework in case he is blocked or has too many.

9- Don't praise the child for the effort. Positive reinforcement is very important and reminding your child if he is working that he is doing very well will motivate him to keep going.

10- Try to teach them beyond school subjects. If the child has not yet learned to multiply at school and we try to initiate him at home, we run the risk of frustrating him and making learning difficult.

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