The barefoot child. French Christmas Carol

The barefoot child. French Christmas Carol

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At Christmas, we can reserve some time of the day to read a story to our children. It is a way to spend more time with them and incidentally educate them in values ​​in a simple way.

In this case, the tale of Barefoot child, based on a traditional French tale, tells us about the values ​​of generosity and kindness. A child who barely has anything decides to be in solidarity with another child who has much less than him. Will it be rewarded in any way?

Pierre was a child who had lost his parents and lived with his aunt, a very selfish and greedy woman. She never showed him affection. He didn't even congratulate him on his birthday. The little boy, however, had a kind heart. Her aunt was so greedy that she hadn't bought her shoes for a long time. Pierre carved clogs himself out of some wood.

The Dec. 24, Pierre was very nervous, since he knew that that night Santa Claus would come. She can't wait to get home to leave her clogs by the window. However, when leaving the Misa del Gallo, Pierre saw a very poor boy shivering from the cold in a corner of the pavement. He had no shoes and was wearing white. Pierre was so sorry that he took off one of his clogs and offered it to the boy.

Upon returning home, Pierre's aunt was enraged to see him.

"You've already lost one of your clogs!" He yelled at the boy. "Now you'll want to carve another with one of my logs for the fireplace." You will have to pay me! By bad, tonight instead of Santa Claus, Uncle Hose will come and bring you coal.

Pierre went to bed very sad. But first he left his remaining clog by the fireplace.

The next day, Pierre got a big surprise. He got up very early, because he could hardly sleep, and by the fireplace he discovered all the gifts he wanted to receive: coats, new clothes, shoes, notebooks for school and some toys. Pierre ran to the window and looking at the sky, discovered Santa's sleigh driving away. At his side, a boy dressed in white was traveling. The boy to whom he gave his clog. It was the baby Jesus!

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