Facebook's father's photo with his pregnant wife

Facebook's father's photo with his pregnant wife

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'This is a stunning photo of Priscilla. I love his expression: intense but kind, fierce but loving, leading and always supporting others. Thanks to Annie Leibovitz for capturing her spirit so well. ' Thus described Mark Zuckerberg, breeder and CEO of Facebook, to the beautiful photo that the famous photographer took of him and his pregnant wife Priscilla chan, in the post he published on his Facebook profile.

The photo, by itself, says it and conveys everything. The excitement they feel with the arrival of their baby is evident. No more seeing them, one knows what can go through the head of parents during 6 months of pregnancy. They are waiting for a girl and they are tender and very calm with the stage they are living.

The photo was taken at the Vanity Fair Magazine New Creation Summit, which took place in October, in San Francisco, where Mark and Priscila live. Annie Leibovitz set up a backstage studio just to photograph the intimate image of the couple. It was worth it, don't you think?

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