How to learn to be parents and educate our children

How to learn to be parents and educate our children

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Elsa punset is a writer and philosopher, daughter of scientist Eduardo Punset. On one occasion, Elsa interviewed René Diekstra, a Dutch psychologist who conducted a study on the good education of children.

We found the interview so interesting that since We would like to tell you a series of useful ideas so that parents can have more tools in the education of our children.

Parents have a very important mission with our children, we teach them to relate to the world around them, to know their emotions, we educate them in values ​​and we transfer our love to them. We try to instill in them what is good and what is not. However, on this path we are often lost. We teach our children, but, 'Who teaches us to be parents? Who teaches us to educate? ', Elsa Punset wondered in the report.

I found this question very interesting as a mother, since every day I ask myself if I am doing my role as a mother well, I ask myself if I am making a mistake or what I have to know to do better. Actually, as Elsa explains, we have learned from how our parents raised us and they did theirs. But, Do we have the right to educate our children as we see fit? Diekstra's answer is no, because we can't know everything about parenting, or about little people as complex as children.

Diekstra asked parents and teachers during her study if they were aware of the Convention that regulates the Rights of the Child. More than half of the parents who participated in the study did not know her. One of the points of the Declaration tells us that lChildren have the right to be educated by trained parents. It is therefore important to be aware that we do not know everything, that we need information to be able to have the tools that allow us to better educate our children.

Since we try to help you in this task. And it is that, our objective is to be able to give more information to parents, since the more knowledge we parents have, the more positive it will be for the lives of our children.

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