Orgasm in pregnancy

Orgasm in pregnancy

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How does a woman's body react to a orgasm during the pregnancy? Can you have sexual intercourse normally when there's a baby on the way? Is sex harmful for the baby?

There are many questions of future mothers about sexuality during the nine months of pregnancy, so finding answers to them will allow us to enjoy intimacy as a couple being pregnant

1. Can a pregnant woman get an orgasm? Of course yes. In fact, for some women it is even easier to achieve this during pregnancy. The reason is that especially in the second quarter, the levels of progesterone and estrogen they increase in the body, so the woman will be more receptive to having sex that is very pleasant.

2. Can it be harmful to the baby? There are usually doubts about sex in general during pregnancy, since it was long ago considered that the fact of maintaining sexual intercourse while pregnant it was bad for the child. Unless it is a risky pregnancy or positions in which the mother can harm herself are experienced, it is not a practice that must be reviled during pregnancy. In fact, having sex in pregnancy is beneficial because although does not cause labor In its final phase, -one of the great myths of the pregnant woman-, it makes the couple bond and the process is beautiful on a physical level for the future mother.

2. How intense are the orgasms of the pregnant woman? On the other hand, for many women the intensity of orgasm does not decrease during pregnancy, but increases for some. This is because areas such as the breasts are usually more voluminous, and the blood supply can focus on the genitals leading to a very full sexual relationship.

3. Can it be dangerous to have an orgasm while pregnant? Unless pregnancy is risky, orgasm shouldn't affect the baby at all. The problem when having a pregnancy with a certain risk is that the vagina widens considerably when reaching climax and there are also small spasms or involuntary vaginal contractions, which could be dangerous.

4. What does the baby feel during the mother's orgasm?When the pregnancy is totally normal, sex is not a problem, and the only sensation that is transmitted to the baby during that precise moment of climax is of wellness. The endorphins released by the mother at that time are good for the child, because they reach him through the placenta. The mother's release of oxytocin during this time of pleasure brings well-being to the baby, just as it happens at birth, since the same endorphin is released.

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