My son has everything and gets bored

My son has everything and gets bored

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My son's room looks a bit like the toy section of a shopping mall and I am surprised when he tells me that he is bored. Most children have everything and parents are realizing that something is not working when they do not know what to entertain themselves, especially now at Christmas, when Santa Claus or the Wise Men from the East will come loaded with many more toys.

According to experts, an excessive amount of toys in the room, within easy reach, causes attitudes of caprice, boredom or contempt, in addition to a lack of interest in keeping them and a disorder in the bedroom.

In the midst of this chaos, Christmas arrives, a time when 70 percent of the toys are given away from all annual sales and it is time to get organized. Toys are an effective instrument for the development of the child, for their learning and for their evolution, but in the balance lies the key to avoid contradictory responses on the part of children.

On many occasions, we have seen the novelty of the gift as past, children have lost interest in toys. However, they keep asking and, by inertia, the list of gifts that they write themselves is getting longer, longer and more expensive. What can we do to help children value what they have?

Distribute toy gifts throughout the year to keep their enthusiasm and interest in them alive, and keep those that at that moment we consider less suitable for our child, due to their age or level of development, but which may be in a few months, there are some tricks to say enough to this spiral of consumption and unrest.

The psychologist and writer Javier Urra, in a interview granted exclusively to our site, talks to us about the issue of children who have everything in relation to child consumerism and explains that '2 out of 5 advertisements are aimed at children at Christmas and that 50 percent of children and young people in this country, they consider that they have more toys than they need.

In this time of crisis, the first to set an example are adults, teaching our children to value the humble, the simple. ' Parents have to open our eyes and realize that what really matters is that we enter the world of children to be their toys.

Far from feeling bad for not having been able to buy everything they asked for on their list, the important thing is to find time to play with them, so that they experiment with us, so that they feel our affection, so that they see that we care a lot! and that we enjoy in his presence.

Marisol New. Editor of our site

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