Postpartum recovery. Aches and pains of the first days

Postpartum recovery. Aches and pains of the first days

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After giving birth to your baby, they usually appear a series of aches and pains that I did not haves. Many mothers ask ourselves, how the famous will do to leave the clinic great and pose with their baby in front of the photographers as if the rigors of postpartum did not affect them. Find out what you can do to feel better postpartum.

Actually, the normal thing is to come home with your baby and notice the whole body sore. The fatigue accumulated by the effort of childbirth asks for a bed and, nevertheless, the baby does not stop crying. To top it off, you may have a difficult time establishing breastfeeding because your breasts are very swollen or the baby doesn't know how to latch onto it and you're concerned that, during the first few days, they may have lost some weight, a normal circumstance in newborns. If, in addition, your house has become your family's favorite gathering place, don't be discouraged. Although motherhood may seem a bit disappointing for the first week, you will soon see that there is nothing as joyous as watching a child grow up.

These are the discomforts or pains that you will experience during the postpartum period and that usually last between a week and ten days:

1. Loquios.
They are caused by the separation of the placenta from the uterine wall. This separation leaves a bleeding area that initially closes as a result of uterine contractions, which occur in the days after the immediate postpartum, due to the release of oxytocin that occurs during breastfeeding. Lochia are experienced with pain and usually occur just when you are breastfeeding your baby. They are quite uncomfortable, but the pain is short-lived and intermittent.

2. Afterpains.
They are strong contractions whose function is to retract the uterus so that it returns to its normal size. The pain they cause is stronger in women who have had more than one delivery, because the uterus is more fibrous and sensitive to pain. They last only a few seconds and then disappear.

3. Episiotomy

Sometimes it is necessary to practice an episiotomy, that is, a cut to facilitate the delivery of the baby. The first few days the stitches can be uncomfortable and cause tightness and itching.

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