Hyperopia in children. Vision disorders

Hyperopia in children. Vision disorders

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Hyperopia is the vision disorder opposite to myopia, that is, the child sees perfectly from a distance but does not see correctly up close. Hyperopic children see objects near them blurry.

This vision disorder causes problems in children such as headache or eye pain, tearing, and frequent blinking. Detecting hyperopia in childhood is essential, especially at school.

On our site we offer you all the information you need about hyperopia in childhood, prepared with the collaboration of specialists in optometry and optics.

What is hyperopia. Our site has interviewed María Sandonís, a specialist in optics and optometry, to find out what hyperopia consists of, an eye disorder (the opposite of myopia), where the child sees well from afar but poorly up close. When straining their eyes, they develop eye or headache pain, tearing, and frequent blinking.

How to detect hyperopia. The specialist in optometry and optics, María Valencia Sandonís explains to our site what symptoms children who are hyperopic present and what signs can lead parents to detect that their children suffer from this vision disorder.

Hyperopia in children. Signs that can tell parents that their child has myopia, astigmatism or hyperopia, the most common vision problems in children and babies. our site informs you about the signs and symptoms that something is wrong with children's vision.

Treatment for hyperopia. Having hyperopia at certain ages, especially in childhood, is normal therefore it is necessary to do an in-depth study to assess whether it is appropriate to wear glasses or contact lenses or if it can be corrected in another way.

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