Winter recipes for the whole family

Winter recipes for the whole family

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In winter you need to eat more calories. That is why the dishes are different from those eaten in summer. They include nuts, seasonal foods, potatoes, hot soups, and stews.

They are typical of winter dishes with fish and nuts such as Atascaburras from Albacete or with legumes, such as Madrid stew. But there is more.

Since we offer you a series of fantastic recipes for the winter season. First and second courses that provide all the necessary nutrients and less light desserts, which provide the necessary calories on the coldest days. Here you have our selection.

Atascaburras. We offer you the recipe for atascaburras, a very typical dish from Albacete, in Castilla la Mancha (Spain). It is a dish that is eaten in winter due to its high caloric intake.

Stewed lentils. Lentil recipe with vegetables and meat. Lentils are a popular and nutritious legume, so we recommend that you make this kid-friendly recipe for Braised Lentils with Pork and Vegetables for the whole family.

Fish soups. Easy recipes for soups and fish creams for children. How to make fish purees for children. The best recipes for fish and seafood soups for children. Nutritious children's recipes from fish.

Madrid stew. Traditional recipe for Madrid stew. our site offers us step by step how to make an authentic Madrid stew, ideal for San Isidro Day. Take back your grandmother's kitchen with this recipe for Madrid stew, to enjoy a good stew over low heat, very tasty.

Roast lamb with bakery potatoes. For parties, Christmas or any special occasion, we suggest you prepare this recipe for roast lamb with baked potatoes. A simple recipe that children will like, very easy to prepare.

Roast suckling pig. Roast suckling pig recipe for Christmas dinner or any special occasion. easy baked suckling pig recipe, a delicious main dish for children and adults.

Golden baked. For a light and healthy dinner you have this baked gilthead bream, a low-fat recipe to combat childhood obesity and a healthy dinner for pregnant women. How to cook bream in the oven for children.

Pote Gallego. Galician pot is a traditional stew from the Spanish region of Galicia. Meat, vegetables and legumes simmered, prepare it in cold weather.

Asturian pot. During the days of Carnival, typical dishes such as Asturian pot are consumed in the Spanish region of Asturias, a stew recipe that you can make for children.

Green soup. Green broth recipe, step by step. our site has prepared one of the most traditional recipes in Portugal: the green broth. A soup that offers many nutrients to children.

Red bean stew. Red bean stew with vegetables recipe for children. How to make a vegetarian stew for children, step by step. Traditional stew recipe, very rich in vitamins, fiber and iron. An ideal dish for days with low temperatures.

Chestnut and sweet potato cream. Chestnut cream and red sweet potato recipe for the first course of the Christmas meal for the whole family. It is a healthy and light recipe for Christmas with which you will surprise everyone.

Pumpkin cream with cheese. Scrumptious homemade squash cream cheese cream recipe. A very grateful dish with many vitamins for the children's lunch or dinner. Recipe for soft cream of pumpkin with cheese. How to make soft pumpkin cream for children.

Nuts Tart. The nut cake is a perfect sweet for any time of the year, but it is traditional to eat it both on Thanksgiving and Christmas. On our site we teach you how to make this sweet very simply, step by step.

Catalan cream. The Catalan cream is the most typical dessert in Catalonia. Try this Catalan cream recipe that is passed down from generation to generation. Traditional recipe for Catalan cream. How to make Catalan cream step by step.

Banana and walnut cake. For children who do not want to eat fruit, prepare this recipe for banana and walnut cake, a dessert with many nutrients for children and pregnant women.

Roasted apples in the microwave. On our site we are going to teach you how to make roasted apples, although instead of baking them, we are going to cook them in the microwave easily and very quickly. A perfect recipe for children's snack.

Baked chestnuts. Baked chestnuts for children. It is a dried fruit that can be given to children for a snack, for dessert or as an accompaniment to a special dish that we cook. Today we are going to cook them roasted in the oven.

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