French toast for mothers who have just had a baby

French toast for mothers who have just had a baby

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This food of humble origin, which quickly satisfies those who taste it,It was the recommended dish in the 15th century for the recovery of women in labor during postpartum.

Two of its main ingredients, honey and eggsBoth foods of high biological value due to their contribution of vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids served to replenish mothers who had just given birth and guarantee them the necessary nutrients for the production of breast milk for their baby.

And it is that if, as was said, children come with bread under their arms, here it was used to make torrijas. Perhaps for this reason, popular tradition has always considered them avery nutritious and necessary food for growing children.

The tradition of being served at Easter and during Lent abstinence is due to the fact that its consumption keeps the stomach full and its satiating power avoids eating other foods such as meat, which could not be eaten. And the fact is that torrijas, due to their appearance, also deceive the subconscious a bit because they emulate a piece of meat, which is forbidden to eat during Lent, according to Catholic tradition. The first recipes that appear in cookbooks date back to 1607 and at the beginning of the 20th century they were present in the bars of all the bars and they were served accompanied by flats of wine.

Soaked in milk or wine, battered in egg, fried in a pan with oil, flavored to taste with cinnamon or some liquor and sweetened with honey, syrup or sugar, the Easter torrijas are, together with the roscón de Reyes, the sweet most anticipated of the whole year in many homes.

In my house, they begin to prepare the weekend before Holy Days. My grandmother made them delicious with muscatel wine, and my mother and I have inherited her exquisite recipe, although my favorites are milk. I still remember his image in the kitchen, frying torrijas, while he chatted with us and told us the secret of his culinary art. I remember a trick she used to avoid producing too much foam when frying them, add a metal nail to the pan, which had previously been dipped in alcohol to remove any germs or bacteria.

Its special flavor consisted, without a doubt, in the love and affection with which he prepared this sweet delicacy, which was full of little secrets. One of them was the orange peel with which the milk was flavored and another the mixture of cinnamon powder and sugar in equal parts that he used in the final batter.

If my grandmother lived now, I would love to show her the vegetarian varieties that substitute cow's milk for soy and eggs for chickpea, soy and other legume flours. You would be surprised. Although you can be calm grandmother, for me yours are still the best.

Marisol New.

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