The lion who thought he was a lamb. Short story for children

The lion who thought he was a lamb. Short story for children

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The lion who thought he was a lamb is a short story that teaches children to accept themselves as they are, but always, using the best of our qualities to help others.

In We offer you the popular tale of the lion Lambert, who lived believing himself to be a sheep so that you can read aloud to your children and transmit teachings and moral of this story.

Once upon a time there was a lion named Lambert who believed himself to be a lamb. No matter how much evidence his physique gave him, he did not follow reasons, nor could he believe that he was a lion. But it was not stubbornness, but rather a serious mistake made by the stork in charge of delivering him during his birth. The clueless stork left the baby lion with a herd of lambs, but when she realized it was too late, a mother sheep was placed on the lion to give him warmth and determined to adopt him.

And that was how the story of that lion who believed himself to be a lamb in a flock began. Despite all the little lion had a great time playing with his cousins, the truth is that there were also tears, because the poor little lion was the only one of the herd who did not know how to charge, consequently causing laughter from all his family and friends.

Over time, all the lambs grew up and the lion too. It was the biggest ram in the world! How proud her mother was! Nevertheless, the flock was increasingly surprised by that situation, to which now was added not knowing how to bleat. The lion had become without understanding it the victim of all the mockery of the lambs.

And so it was until, one night, a hungry wolf appeared before the herd. Frightened by the noises, the lion hid behind his mother. But the noises did not stop and the wolf appeared before his own whiskers threatening to eat his mother.

Help! The wolf is going to eat me! - His mother shouted terrified.

It was then that the soul of that lion emerged fiercely, chasing the wolf with all its might. They ran and ran until both, wolf and lion, ended up at the edge of a great abyss; abyss that the wolf could not avoid, fearful as he was of the great roars directed by the lion.

Then the lion realized something. 'I am not a sheep; I am not the son of a sheep. I'm the son of a lion! 'Thought Lambert. When he chased the wolf and protected the sheep, he recognized his true nature. Nevertheless, he continued to live with the sheep, becoming the hero of the flock. And he was happily ever after.

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