Children will not be small forever. Pay attention to them

Children will not be small forever. Pay attention to them

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They will not be children forever, it is the message that he wants to convey to us Just a Phase, an initiative promoted by Kristen Ivy, an executive and mother of 3 very committed to the need to positively influence the next generation.

With your video 'It's just a phase so don't miss it' (It is just a phase, do not miss it), it aims to remind parents that children grow very fast, and at the same time alert us to the importance of paying attention to the little things of the day to day and the opportunities that go away presenting in every phase of a child's life.

'How fast children grow' is a phrase so widely used that sometimes it loses its meaning, but it is still a great truth. One day you change diapers, the next the baby's hand so that it does not fall when taking its first steps and, suddenly, one good day, your son is already saying that phrase to you: 'Mom, leave me to me, I'm older '. Then, you realize that your child has grown up and you start to miss all those situations that before even sometimes overwhelmed you, but there is no turning back.

That is why Kristen Ivy, a businesswoman and mother decided to launch the 'Just a Phase' project whose presentation video aims to show parents, grandparents, educators, tutors and anyone who has an influence on children and adolescents how fast children grow. The message Ivy wants to get across is: 'Pay attention. Time goes fast. You have to be present. Show yourself to the children and adolescents in your home and community. They will not be children forever. What you do for them now will help them have a better future. '

We all know that children grow up fast, the video does not reveal anything new to us, but it does focus on something that parents do not always pay attention to due to lack of time, stress or the whirlwind of everyday life. It's about the small details, those that influence children forever and that will lead them one way or another. Perhaps a small drawing on the wall is a reason for punishment and that we also remove the paintings so that they do not do it again, but perhaps that need to paint could have led him to develop his artistic side and explore new skills. That's the part about we should reflect every day.

And of course, squeeze the moments, to be present in each phase, to enjoy the little situations, so as not to discover, in a few years, that we have not experienced them.

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