Our Lady of Africa Day, March 5. Names for girls

Our Lady of Africa Day, March 5. Names for girls

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Africa is a name for girl of Greek origin that means 'without cold', although some give it a meaning of 'exposed to the sun' or even 'where the sea foams'.

Be that as it may, it is a name of unusual beauty that makes it ideal for your daughter and, although it is not one of the most frequent names, it is very familiar. Celebrate your name day March 5.

Because of the meaning of its name, Africa has a very charismatic personality that evokes all the exoticism of the unknown, but with a touch of warmth. Something that makes Africa a friendly person and very easy to get along with, so she has no problem being the center of attention of her group of friends. His particular and restless character is demonstrated in a clear preference for those activities that require creativity.

Your daughter's name, Africa, is used in many languages ​​without great differences from Spanish. It is not one of the most frequent names, however, its popularity has increased a lot in recent years. Parents' preference for this name is based on its musicality and that original touch that it maintains as a girl's name.

Because the name Africa is more familiar to us because it refers to that continent "exposed to the sun" of a strange but fascinating nature. The attraction of your daughter's name comes from the enigmatic character of the African continent that transfers all its mystery and appeal to the person who bears her name. For unforgettable and fascinating we cannot fail to mention both the book and the film 'Out of Africa'.

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