Is it safe to use forceps in labor?

Is it safe to use forceps in labor?

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When the time of delivery approaches, everyone tells us about theirs. It is as if the advanced state of the gut attracts the comments of friends, acquaintances and relatives. Childbirth is the quintessential experience of women, it allows us to actively participate in the miracle of life and many live it as an authentic heroism.

However, so many experiences together are too many for the sensitive heart of a pregnant woman who only has a few days to go into labor. One of them is the panic we all have of a long labor, with difficulties in dilation, which can lead to the use of forceps.

Finding out ahead of time and having confidence in the obstetrician the couple has chosen to deliver can help you stay calm and avoid panicking over myths and speculation about these instruments. Its use is due to the fact that both the woman and her baby are at risk and it is the doctor who must decide which are the most appropriate methods to cope with difficult times.

Forceps or spatulas look like two spoons, which are assembled together, so that they cannot put too much pressure on the baby's head. Before using this instrument, the area should be anesthetized, either with epidurals or with local anesthesia, to avoid causing pain in the mother. The forceps are then inserted into the belly over the baby's temples until the baby comes out completely. After birth, forceps often leave an imprint on the baby's head. In some cases, small bruises, changes in shape or marks on the head can be observed, which do not represent severe damage and will disappear in a few days. Just if the delivery is too complicated, the baby can develop facial paralysis, brain hemorrhages or blisters on the scalp. But these consequences are not exclusively due to the use of the instrument.

When the baby stays too long in the birth canal, a risk situation is triggered, also known as fetal distress, which can cause brain injuries, and it is surely the knowledge of these injuries that generates great fear in parents about the normal development of labor.

Thinking about the use of forceps during labor can make many pregnant women nervous, who have surely heard terrible stories about this instrument. However, the serious damage that occurs in the baby is not necessarily due to the use of forceps, but to the complications that arise during delivery and that prevent the normal exit of the baby from the womb. All mothers who are about to give birth should know, for their peace of mind, that if the doctor is forced to use forceps during labor, such terrible damages are not frequent.

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