The most popular names in Uruguay for girls

The most popular names in Uruguay for girls

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Before you even know the gender of your baby, you start to wonder what the best name will be. You will surely leave advise For your family and friends, some will even ask you to honor an ancestor, but finally, putting the baby's name is something that you and your partner have to decide.

In Uruguay they are not influenced by passing fashions and for that reason, in the list of frequent names for girls we find traditional names with a clear preference for the compound names and by a protagonist we know well, the name María.

1. Ana Maria. The most frequent name for a girl in Uruguay is of Hebrew origin and has been transmitted to us thanks to the biblical tradition. It is a combination of two names that stand out for their simplicity and their almost universal character. And we are dealing with two of the most popular names in the world.

2. Ana Laura. Ana's Hebrew origin joins Laura's Latin origin in a combination of two very feminine and delicate names that highlight the beauty of any girl. Both names have enough personality to go it alone, but in this case, they form one of the most popular compound names for girls.

3. Maria Carmen. Maria's Hebrew origin combines with Carmen's Latin origin to form a tremendously familiar name throughout the Hispanic world. The force that Mary gives off by itself only reinforces Carmen's beauty of meaning as an authentic song to life.

4. Maria Cristina. We are facing a compound name that results from the combination of a Hebrew origin, that of María, plus a Greek origin, that of Cristina. If in its origins the name emanated religiosity, today it has been revitalized thanks to its musicality and elegance.

5. María José. This name is of Hebrew origin in its two components and it is one of the most popular names for girls in the Hispanic world. By dint of using it, we are no longer surprised that its main characteristic is the union of a female name with another male name.

6. Maria Alejandra. If Mary has a Hebrew origin, Alexandra has a Greek origin. The result of this combination of ancient traditions is a modernized compound name with an elegant and sophisticated touch like few others. Without a doubt, this name exudes strength and personality.

7. Maria Fernanda. It is a name composed of the omnipresent María and a name of Germanic origin, Fernanda, who comes loaded with a special charisma. Courage and courage are implicit in the meaning of Fernanda, a forceful name that is softened by the delicacy of María.

8. Florence. The name Florencia has a Latin origin and is one of the most appreciated by Uruguayan families. Its popularity is due to its meaning related to the floral world, so suitable for a girl, but also for all the romantic and artistic evocations of the Italian city.

9. Maria Rosario. This name combines the Latin origin of Rosario with the already known Hebrew origin of Maria. It is one of the most beautiful names for girls because of that implicit meaning in Rosario, "the one who lives among roses", which is highlighted by her accomplice María.

10. Lucia. It is a name of Latin origin evocative of light, bright and resplendent as befits your girl. This is a name that has a long tradition but that has not lost freshness with use. On the contrary, Lucia always sounds fresh, elegant and delicate.

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