Breastfeeding in Babies with Down Syndrome

Breastfeeding in Babies with Down Syndrome

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Breast milk is the best food for babies, all experts recognize its benefits that it brings to mother and baby. In the case of children with Down Syndrome, breastfeeding can present some additional problems, due to the effort that the baby has to make when sucking, a greater effort than that made with the bottle.

In We will tell you how to help a baby with a disability to enjoy breastfeeding and promote bonding, attachment and contact with your child.

Babies with Down Syndrome have low tone in facial musculature so it may take longer to stimulate sucking than in other babies, however with love and patience it is possible to achieve it. We help you with some tips:

- The upper lip of the child must be at the level of the nipple, rubbing it to stimulate the opening of the mouth, when it does so you must bring the breast closer to you, sticking the whole body of the child. Try as many times as necessary to get it. The baby must be well placed on the nipple so that he can remove the milk with the least possible effort.

- If you lose interest or do not try to suck, we can talk to you or change your breast to keep you active and awake since babies with Down syndrome tend to be more sleepy, especially during the first weeks.

- It is convenient that, especially in the first days, the feedings are made every 3 hours, after this period breastfeeding on demand is recommended.

- You can prepare the child to make a good suction before putting on the breast, for this place your finger in the child's mouth and press both cheeks with the index and thumb fingers at the same time to promote the sealing of the lips. Move your cheeks back and forth. Is about train him for correct suction.

- It is convenient that you wash the baby's nose before starting breastfeeding so that he can breathe correctly and without fatigue. You can use a saline solution for this.

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