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The 9 most important minutes in a child's life

The 9 most important minutes in a child's life

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If they ask me what is the most important thing that I have in life, I think I would not give the other person time to finish the sentence, because I would quickly answer that my two daughters. Even to this day, I question myself how two people I had never seen their faces (well, yes, from an ultrasound) and who I did not know of anything have been able to fill my life so much. Since they came to the world, my life is their life, and vice versa, that is why I care that they are happy and that they do not lack anything. Sometimes, what we look for so much is in small details that we do not notice in our day to day. Find out what the 9 aremost important minutes in a child's life.

All parents complain about the same thing: we lack time to spend with our children and when we have it - mostly on weekends - we are so tired that we do not give them all the attention they deserve and, then, the regrets appear .

Since We tell you very loud and clear that it was your fault! For your child to be happy you only need to dedicate 9 minutes of your time. Yes, of the 24 hours that the day has, that is, 1,440 minutes, you only have to reserve 9 minutes. Doesn't seem like much at first, does it? Now, yes, this short period of time is strategically chosen so that the little one is not only fully happy, but so that he can be so from the moment he gets up until he goes to bed. Take your agenda and write down!

3 minutes before waking up
Although it is true that in the mornings we are all in a hurry and with the time stuck, perhaps we should start to change this way of acting. And it is that for children (and for adults) it is better to wake them up with a sweet kiss on their cheek and not with a 'Hurry up'. I encourage you to try giving them a little love and affection instead of letting yourself be carried away by the ticking of the clock and start turning on the lights or slamming the blinds up and drawing the curtains.

3 minutes after coming back from school
After almost 8 hours in a classroom (here you have to discount recess and lunch time), the children come out wanting to tell their parents how they have done at school and, even if they don't tell you everything that you would like, if they need to express what they feel. What if we start spending a little time with them - I'm only talking about three minutes - and show interest in what they say so that they will gain more confidence in them and, above all, in us?

3 minutes before sleeping
And if we have started the day with love and it has not gone so bad, why not do the same in the last moments before going to sleep until the next day? Accompany your little one to his room, wait for him to get into bed and when he is there, give him a very strong hug and say goodbye to him with a kiss. It will be a way for the little one to be calmer and more relaxed, to sleep better and to wake up the next day with enough energy to face a new day with hope. You can also take the opportunity to read a story, but that will take more time. It's up to you!

It is about those moments throughout the day when the little one needs the presence and support of his parents more than ever. We are there? Do it for him, but also for yourself and for the happiness of both.

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