Discover the step by step of the manufacture of baby jars

Discover the step by step of the manufacture of baby jars

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Every day in the life of our son is very important, that is why parents take care and pamper every aspect of his existence in this world in detail. The fabrics from which the bodies that we put on them are made so that they do not get cold, the type of materials that diapers are made of and thus avoid atopic dermatitis, and, of course, everything related to the products of the feeding. Do you want to know the step by step of the manufacture of baby jars?

Between pediatric check-ups and visits with the nurse for the administration of vaccines, during the first year of the newborn's life, mothers and fathers have the feeling that we spend more time at the doctor's office than at home. For us, it is something that reassures us, because children do not come with a manual under their arms and they are all fears and uncertainties.

During the first weeks, doubts revolve around skin care, growth and sleep, but when they reach four months, the questions to our medical professional also deal with diet. How to start the introduction of new foods? Which are the ones that cause the most allergies? What type of fruit or vegetable porridges are most recommended?

For today's parents, baby jars become a perfect option to guarantee a healthy and balanced diet, but here you have to be very careful. When it comes to feeding our baby, at Hero Baby they do not pass a single one and they have every step of the manufacture of them controlled!

Vegetables, meat, chicken, fruits ... the variety of baby jars that Hero Baby offers us is very extensive and varied, but perhaps the most important thing is that in the process of making the products the maximum is guaranteed quality and safety for the most demanding palates, those of our little ones. Did you know that the Hero Baby jars undergo more than 300 daily checks? We reveal them to you step by step!

- Raw materials, ready
Hero Baby requires its suppliers a certificate that ensures that the raw materials they collect are in perfect condition and free of unwanted substances or residues.

- Carrying out a counter analysis
Despite this certificate, Hero Baby carries out a counter-analysis and an organoleptic check in its factory to verify that the ingredients that enter are of quality and that their flavor and condition is optimal for their incorporation in the preparation of the jar. When the results are obtained and it is verified that they meet these requirements, the preparation of the recipe begins.

- Analytical sampling
How do you know that during the cooking and grinding phases everything is happening without any incident and that it is a homogeneous and balanced recipe? Very easy! Through an analytical sampling that guarantees the degree of quality of the jars, with all the nutrients well distributed in each of the jars, in a balanced way.

- Suitable temperature
There are certain external elements, such as temperature or humidity, that could alter the flavor of the jars. All these factors are controlled during the process of making them.

- The importance of water
At Hero Baby, aware of the importance of all the elements in the process of making the jars, the water with which they are made is controlled to ensure that it is in the ideal safety conditions.

- Vacuum packed
Before distributing the jars, an artificial vision device certifies a slight sinking of the metal lid. This sinking is the external manifestation that the vacuum conditions necessary for its conservation have been created inside. You can see for yourself when you open one: if it makes a pop, it's safe! This process allows no preservatives to be added to it.

- And finally, last sampling
A new analysis will ensure the food safety of the jars and, also, the nutritional label and microbiological aspects.

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