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Week 12 of the baby in mommy's gut. How is its evolution?

Week 12 of the baby in mommy's gut. How is its evolution?

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Another week of changes, growth and development of the baby in momma's gut. In this week your tenant is 10 weeks old (even if it is counted as the 12th week of pregnancy), measures approximately between 6 to 8 centimeters, weighs 10 to 14 grams and looks like a plum. This week the first trimester ends and the fetus continues to grow rapidly and its movements are very active, although most mothers still do not perceive its kicks. What else happens inside of you?

You can't see him, but its appearance is practically that of a baby. His face is completely made up: eyes, eyelids, nose, mouth (which can open and close) and ears are almost at their normal level.

His head already has a more rounded shape and his arms and legs are fully formed and elongated. The vocal cords develop in this week and you can swallow amniotic fluid which you will then expel in your urine.

At the level of your skin you can see the presence of lanugo (thin layer of hairs) and on his fingers a sketch of nails. The presence of hiccups in the tenant is still noticeable this week (it can be seen by performing an ultrasound, as the mother is still unable to feel it)

Your little one feeds through the placenta and the oxygen reaches him thanks to the umbilical cord. The intestines, which were attached to the base of the cord, are already located in the abdominal cavity. The brain continues to develop and its important organs are already formed and working.

At the 12 week control, when performing the ultrasound, you will be able to observe the viability of the fetus. You will hear her heartbeat, which will beat very fast (rate 160 per minute) and your gynecologist will take measurements on the fetus (head, abdomen and femur) to have a probable due date. Down syndrome can also be ruled out by determining the nuchal fold.

You will see him swallow, yawn and hiccup. The sex of the fetus cannot yet be seen, although its genital tract is beginning to be defined. And his movements are very active. A unique experience!

The end of the first trimester is near. Your body follows its normal rhythm, although some of the changes are not to your liking. Here is a list of the most common ones.

- Your breasts continue to grow and prepare for the moment of breastfeeding your baby and this thanks to hormonal changes (progesterone). You will notice the areolas somewhat darker and with greater sensitivity in them.

- The belly is also more prominent every day, which makes you think that you will already have to buy pregnancy clothes.

- Your face may present the chloasma gravidarum spots and the so-called linea alba at the level of the abdomen, which is already being noticed. Both are caused by the increase in estrogens, hormones characteristic of pregnancy. But do not worry, These spots in most women disappear after pregnancy.

- The feeling of fatigue, tiredness and sleep continues to accompany you. Take the opportunity to rest whenever you can.

- Hormones increase the production of sebaceous glands and, therefore, the production of fat, so do not be surprised if you present some acne problems.

- Moles and freckles can become darker and, also, red lines appear especially on the legs, due to increased circulation, called arneum nevus. But you can also present a fresh and lush complexion due to the increased blood supply, which can also influence your hair and make it silkier and shinier.

- The discomforts of nausea and vomiting practically disappear (in 60% of pregnant women) or improve a lot, since the first trimester ends.

- Nosebleeds They can also occur due to increased blood circulation and a feeling of a stuffy nose.

- Stress and emotional tension Due to your pregnancy, it can cause you some insomnia and nightmares. Talk and share it with your husband or partner or family to relieve stress.

As the second trimester begins, you will feel more energetic, but that is no reason to neglect yourself. Here are a series of recommendations for this week.

- Stay active, hydrated and well fed with a healthy and balanced diet and abundant intake, especially of fruits, vegetables and vegetables.

- Remember to eat the vitamins recommended by your gynecologist.

- Avoid or decrease coffee, tea, dark drinks, sodas.

- Eliminate alcohol, drugs, cigarettes.

- Take your daily walks. At least 30 minutes on a flat surface and with suitable clothing and tennis shoes for this.

- If you can practice swimming, since it is excellent to increase your resistance and lung and circulatory capacity and yoga for relaxation.

- Do not skip your controls with the gynecologist. If you can, preferably, go accompanied by your husband or partner to share and enjoy these important moments for the three of you. In this control, you will get an ultrasound and a blood test, called triple screening or genetic screening, which allows detecting genetic defects in the fetus (60% reliability) and its result will depend on whether an amniocentesis is performed (sample of amniotic fluid) or not. The problem with amniocentesis is that it has the risk of causing abortions, so it is a decision of the parents of the baby.

- If you begin to have back pain due to the increase in the abdomen, that leads you to adopt another position, I recommend that you do guided exercises to strengthen your back muscles and the pelvis, do not carry heavy objects. Control your posture by bending down to pick up something from the floor (bend your knees), vary your positions frequently, especially when sitting, and try to give yourself some relaxing massages.

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