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Controversial allegations of child abuse in photos with Santa Claus

Controversial allegations of child abuse in photos with Santa Claus

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"They arrest a pedophile disguised as Santa Claus for the second time." Reading headlines like this in the press makes the Christmas spirit fade for a few moments in my life. And I cannot understand why people have these types of behaviors: men dressed as Santa Claus who take advantage of the moment of the photos with the children to abuse them. Horrible! There are no words!

Every Christmas it's time to put the Christmas tree, but it is also time to dust off everything that has to do with this time of year. We recover all the Christmas that, year after year, the grandparents and aunts send us and we post the photos of the family and, specifically, of my daughters with Santa Claus. They are so cute!

In them you can see how their eyes shine at the emotion of having Santa Claus himself in front of them, that endearing character, but at the same time demanding, that only if they have behaved well leaves them gifts on the night of December 24.

My husband and I have always been more of the Three Wise Men, but the 'fashions' and the friendly 'ho, ho, ho' have meant that we have not been able to resist the charms of San Nicolás. Although yes, I am starting to get a bit of mania, although he is also just another victim of the controversy.

Apparently in the UK, A man disguised himself as Santa Claus to get closer to the children, to be able to take pictures with them and end up abusing the little ones. The man, 40 years old and dressed in the red suit and white beard, was at the gates of a shopping center. Next to him, a sign that read: 'Take a picture with Santa and leave your donation.'

According to the workers of a nearby store, the behavior of this character was not the most appropriate and they decided to call the police, who after making some checks, discovered that in 2012 this man was sentenced to five years in prison for crimes of pornography child and for inciting a young woman to have sexual relations with him.

We never think that it can touch us, but we are not exempt from something similar to the case that we have told you above happens to us. Therefore, this Christmas, before any strange behavior of the child when Santa Claus, the Three Kings or any other Christmas character (elves, elves, pages ...), the best thing is take certain precautionary measures.

- If your child wants to go to hand deliver the letter to Santa Claus or the Three Wise Men, or simply to take a picture with them, make sure that the place you go to is trustworthy.

- At no time lose sight of the child. You go with him everywhere.

- The child just wants to take a picture, so you don't have to 'force' them to kiss him or sit on his lap.

- Observe the movements well (especially the position of the hands) of the Christmas character.

- Choose carefully the clothes your little one wears. Make it something comfortable and with which you feel good.

- Be very careful if you wear something that can be easily identified, such as the logo of your football team or the school emblem. It would be a way that this Christmas character could follow your trail if he wanted to.

- Santa Claus or the character in question will ask the child more than one question. Discuss with your child 'what he can say' and 'what he cannot say'. That he does not reveal, under any circumstances, the address of the house or his telephone number.

- That photo is for you, for your scrapbook and not to share with anyone. Even if Santa Claus wants to upload it to his profile or asks you to pass it on to him on whatsapp, don't do it! As soon as you publish it on a social network or forward it, you lose control of it!

These tips that we have just mentioned are very important not only for this Christmas season but also for any time of the year, such as a spring-summer excursion to a theme park of your children's favorite heroes or characters. And is that with the safety of children, do not play!

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