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Saint Oscar's Day, February 3. Names for boys

Saint Oscar's Day, February 3. Names for boys

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Óscar is a name for a boy of Germanic origin that means 'the arrow of the god'. It is a name with a long tradition throughout Europe and in our country it has been one of the most frequent names for several decades. Óscar is ideal for your child because in this name he appeals to a long Nordic tradition that never goes out of style. Celebrate your name day February 3, which is Saint Oscar's day.

Do you know a boy named Oscar? Are you thinking of calling your baby that? You should know that February 3 is a very special date, since it is the day that the saints dedicate to Saint Oscar. February 3 is the day he passed away Saint Oscar in Germany. Have you ever heard of this saint? It is also known as San Ascario, Angsar or Anskar, among other variants of its name.

We talk about scandinavia pattern, since he was entrusted with the difficult mission of converting the country of Sweden to Christianity. This holy man, who was the first archbishop of Hamburg, is usually depicted dressed in priestly clothes and carrying a model of a church.

San Oscar is not the only saint who celebrates his name day on February 3. Along with him we find saints such as Saint Olivia the martyr, Saint Adelino de Celle, Saint Berlina de Meerbeke, Saint Leonius of Poitiers or Saint Mary of Saint Ignatius Thévenet.

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Let's know some curiosities about this name!

1. The variants of Oscar in the world
Óscar has hardly any variations in other languages ​​and is a name recognizable throughout the world. If anything, we can find the variant that in other languages ​​this name is used without an accent in the O, that is, Oscar; or it is written with K: Oskar.

In the case of the female variant of this name we have Óscara or Oscarina, two little-used but existing nicknames. In addition, you do not usually hear many diminutives of this name.

2. Personalities named Oscar
Great personalities have borne the name of your son throughout history, such as kings, architects and musicians. The name reminds us of the author of 'The Picture of Dorian Gray', the Irish Oscar WildeAlthough we cannot forget Oscar, in this case a fashion designer, who has managed to dress the most beautiful in Hollywood: Oscar de la Renta.

And if we talk about cinema, we cannot avoid associating the name of your son with the great prizes of American cinema. The oscars gala, which attracts international attention every year, is named after a curious family anecdote. The librarian of the Academy that grants the awards, the first time she saw the statuette, commented that it had a great resemblance to her uncle Oscar, and was thus baptized.

Without leaving the cinematographic sphere, we also mention the German industrialist who saved the lives of thousands of Jews in Nazi Germany, who was none other than Oskar schindler, known thanks to the Steven Spielber film 'Schindler's List'.

3. A very popular name in certain parts of the world
Did you know that Óscar is a name widely used in the Nordic countries. If you travel through Sweden or Norway, don't be surprised if you meet an Oskar.

4. Napoléon really liked this name
In addition to northern Europe, Napoleon Bonaparte also liked this name. In fact, this is how he baptized his godson, who would become the Swedish King Oscar I.

As a game we can calculate the number corresponding to the babies named Oscar according to numerology. To find out, we must add the value of each of the letters that make up this name. In this case it would look like this: O (6), S (1), C (3), A (1), R (9). This would give a sum of 20. And if, finally, we add the two digits of this number we have Oscar identifies himself with the number 2.

According to numerology, those of the number 2 are characterized by being very supportive with the people around them. They share everything with great generosity, although this forces them to make the occasional sacrifice. Parents must take care of educating them in values ​​and transmitting greater confidence in themselves. Otherwise, they could end up becoming overly dependent children.

On the other hand, the name Óscar implies a sensitive and reserved personality, although it does not prevent him from being the soul of his group of friends due to the magnetism that he gives off. Of a decisive nature, Óscar is capable of solving any conflictive situation and also has a great capacity for work. All this makes Óscar a born seducer, surrounded by mystery, but one who can be trusted.

If you like the name Óscar, you may like these other names for boys that also begin with O. We will tell you the meaning and origin of each of them so that deciding on one or the other is easier.

  • Oliver. This is a very nice name that could fit any baby. It is a Latin name that, in turn, is a variant of the French Olivier. This name is in turn related to the olive tree, a symbol of peace.
  • Octavio. If you wish you were born in Roman times, you will love to call your baby Octavio. It is a name of Latin origin that means 'the eighth'. Indeed, that was the name of the first Roman emperor, Augustus.
  • Orson. This name is very cute but, at the same time, exotic. It is of Latin origin and means 'strong as a bear'.
  • Omar. And finally, we propose the name of Omar. Beautiful! It is an Arabic name that means 'the one of long life'.

If you've finally decided to name your baby Oscar, congratulations, it's a great choice! But remember: February 3 is his saint's day!

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