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On March 24, the day of Santa Catalina is celebrated. Names for girls

On March 24, the day of Santa Catalina is celebrated. Names for girls

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There are names that, just by hearing them, convey elegance and poise. Catalina is one of these names for girls, don't you think? It is a nickname that has Greek origin and means 'pure' or 'immaculate'. If you are expecting a daughter and you are thinking of giving her this name, you should know that On March 24, the day of Santa Catalina is celebrated, in honor of Saint Catherine of Sweden. Do you know who this saint was? Do you want to know more curiosities about this name for babies? Keep reading!

What a nice day on March 24, right? All grandmothers, mothers, and girls named Catalina will agree. This is the day of your saint ... many congratulations! Every March 24, the saints dedicate the day to Saint Catherine of Sweden, also known as Catherine Ulfsdotter or Catherine of Vadstena (in honor of the city in which she died on March 24, 1381).

Katarina Ulfsdotter, which was her name, was the daughter of Brígida Birgersdotter who, in case the name is not familiar, was Saint Brígida. This was a noblewoman who decided to leave her life of luxury, donate everything she had, and seclude herself in a monastery where she would have a more austere life.

As was the custom of the time among the nobility, Catherine's parents arranged a marriage for her to a gentleman of high birth. She, who had always been educated in religiosity, agreed with him that they would lead a life of chastity and devotion. It is by this vow of virginity that Saint Catherine of Sweden is the patron saint of virgins. It is also prayed to avoid abortions during pregnancies.

Together with her husband, Santa Catalina led an austere life, devoted and devoted to charity. After her mother died, she entered a convent in the Swedish city of Vadstena, of which she became abbess. Later, she was the director of the Order of the Holy Savior of Santa Brígida, in honor of her mother. It is usually represented Saint Catherine with a small deer, since this symbolizes the virginity of women, that this holy custody.

Beyond Saint Catherine of Sweden, there is another saint with this name, Saint Catherine of Siena, whose saints are celebrated on April 29.

Next, we analyze Catalina's name and learn more about it. You will love knowing all these curiosities if you are thinking of calling your cute baby that.

1. Tasting, for friends
Catalina is a name for girls that is very long; It has nothing more and nothing less than 8 letters. Given the scope of the name, there are many girls who call themselves Cata. Another diminutive that exists, although it is used much less frequently, is Lina.

2. Is there a version for children?
Yes, there is. And it's Catalino. However, as you may have already noticed, it is a much more unusual and infrequent name. Or do you know someone with that name?

3. Catalina, around the world
She is Spanish, Catalina is a rare name but one that is very established in our culture. If you tell anyone that you are thinking of calling your baby Catalina, they will not be surprised by the name, although it still sounds original.

However, Catalina is not a uniquely restricted name for Spanish-speaking parents. There are many variants of this name in different languages. For example, in German it is Katharin; in French, Catherine; in English Katherine (and Karen or Katie as diminutives); in Irish, Caitriona; in Italian, Caterina ...

4. According to numerology, Catherine's number is 7
Have you ever calculated what number corresponds to your daughter's name? To find out, according to numerology, you have to add the value of the letters that make up the name. In Catalina's case we have: C (3), A (1), T (2), A (1), L (3), I (9), N (5), A (1); that if we add everything we have 25; and if we add it again we have the number 7.

Numerology says that babies with this number have a charisma that makes them very special. Their personality is very attractive, since they are very young, and they manage to draw the attention of all those who know them. On the other hand, they are usually very sociable children who love to have fun with friends, but also with family. In addition, they are very imaginative children who usually have their heads in the clouds.

Compound names are (almost) always a good option. And it is that they allow you to bet on two beautiful nicknames so that, when your daughter is older, she can decide which one she likes the most. If you are clear that one of the names you want to be Catalina, below we propose other ideas that you might like.

  • Maria Catalina
    Among all the names, Maria is the one that forms the most compounds. And it is a beautiful nickname that combines perfectly with almost any other name. It comes from Hebrew and means 'the chosen one'.
  • Catherine Anne
    Simple, punchy and with a beautiful meaning; that's how Ana is. It comes from Hebrew and means 'compassionate' or 'full of grace'.
  • Sofia Catalina
    Sofia is one of the cutest names for girls, don't you think? Its origin is Greek and means 'wisdom'. In addition, it combines perfectly with Catalina.
  • Laura Catalina
    Do you like this combination of names? The origin of Laura's name is Latin and means 'the winner'.

If you like the name Catalina, and you are thinking of using it for your baby, you might also like the names that we propose below. All of them are names for girls that have many letters but that, not for that reason, sound boring. In fact, the meaning of all of them is very interesting and inspiring.

  • Alexandra
    To know the origin of this name we must go back to Greek times. Did you know that the meaning of this name is 'the one who keeps the adversaries away'?
  • Barbara
    This is a name that can boast of transmitting a lot of strength and knowing how to be. It is of Greek origin and is the name given to name all those who came from outside, that is, foreigners.
  • Carlota
    This is the women's variant of Carlos. Its origin is Greek and means 'strong woman'. A very inspiring name for your little warrior!
  • Geneva
    Among the pretty names that evoke distant times, we have Geneva. This cute nickname has Celtiberian origin and means 'the one who is white as a flower'.
  • Natalie
    If you are looking for a nice name for your baby, you can give her Natalia. Of Latin origin, it means 'the day God was born'.

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