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Saint Hugo's Day, April 1. Names for boys

Saint Hugo's Day, April 1. Names for boys

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Hugo is a name for a boy of Germanic origin that means 'intelligent', 'brilliant'. It is one of the most frequent names today for that simplicity that at the same time transmits distinction. Thus it has become one of the children's names preferred by parents adding immense appeal to their children. Celebrate his name day on April 1st, which is the day of Saint Hugo.

We have good news! This year, we will start the month of April in the best way: celebrating the day of Santo Hugo! April 1 is the date that the saints dedicate to Saint Hugo of Grenoble, also known as Hugo de Châteauneuf. And, therefore, it is the day celebrated by all grandparents, parents and children named Hugo.

This saint can be a canon born in the year 1053 and who lived in France, more specifically in the city of Valence. He always showed an interest in theology, which led him to be bishop of Grenoble at a very young age, a prominent position within the French church.

If something has happened to the history of Saint Hugo of Grenoble, it is his personality and behavior always pious. In fact, during his bishopric he tried to fight against all the clergy who took advantage of his privileged position in his favor, instead of complying with God's commands. His saint is celebrated on April 1 because this was the date of the year 1134 when he passed away.

However, April 1 is not the only date on which the special day of children named Hugo is celebrated. April 29, for example, is the day of Saint Hugo abbot, also known as Hugo de Cluny or Hugo the Great. This was one of the most influential religious of medieval times for being the abbot of the monastery of Cluny until the day of his death.

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The name Hugo has increased in popularity in recent decades in Spanish-speaking countries to become one of the most frequent names. It is a name with great appeal and that exerts a great attraction, as it happens with his English variant Hugh, from which well-known actors who bear this name immediately come to mind.

Some of those actors are the British Hugh Grant, star of hits like 'Notting Hill' or 'Bridget Jones's Diary', the Australian Hugh Jackman, famous for playing Wolverine in 'X-Men' and for his most recent role in 'Les Miserables', or the British Hugh Laurie, world renowned for his role as the sarcastic Doctor House.

Although if we speak of actors, we cannot forget the Spanish Hugo Silva, one of the most attractive men who proudly walks the name of your son. As prominent personalities from the world of football had done before, for example, in the figure of the mythical Hugo Sánchez, or the designer who turned his name into a true fashion empire Hugo Boss.

Did you know that the number that corresponds to Hugo according to numerology is the 6? To get to it, you just have to add the value of each of the letters that compose it, according to the position they occupy in the alphabet: H (8), U (3), G (7), O (6). If we add everything we will have 24 and if, once again, we add the 2 and the 4 we get to 6.

According to numerology, children who carry the number 6 have something in common and it is their great sense of empathy. They are children who give generously to the people around them to help them with whatever they need. Also, they tend to be very responsible and committed to what they like.

By the meaning of his name, Hugo implies a charismatic and awakened personality. With a nice and friendly character, Hugo triumphs in social relationships due to his wit and charm. In addition, he is a generous person capable of dedicating himself to his loved ones and fighting for their well-being, something that he achieves because his character is always that of a true winner.

Many parents continue to choose compound names for their babies. If that is your case, but you are clear that you want one of the names to be Hugo, here are some ideas of beautiful combinations.

- Hugo Alexander. Alexander is a name of Greek origin that means 'the one who protects men'. Being a long name, there are parents who use the nickname Alex.

- Alberto Hugo. Alberto comes from German and means 'illustrious for his nobility'. Given this name, we cannot stop thinking about the scientist Albert Einstein.

- Pablo Hugo. Pablo is one of the most common names for boys in recent decades. It comes from Latin and means 'small'.

- Juan Hugo. Finally, we propose a name composed with Juan, one of the most frequent options when it comes to making combinations. It is a Hebrew name that means 'Yahweh is favorable'.

Hugo is a very fashionable name. And it is that in recent times, it is one of the options that year after year appears in all the lists of the most popular names for boys. If you are thinking of calling your baby Hugo who is on the way, then we propose other ideas of short and very modern names that you might also like.

- Luca
Luca is the Italian version of Lucas but, as it sounds so cute and sweet, more and more parents are choosing him for their children even though they live outside of Italy. Did you know that there are those who write it with K: (Luka)? It is a Latin name whose meaning is related to light.

- Leo
At first, this name was the diminutive of Leonardo, Leocadio or Leopoldo. However, today it has become so popular that it is considered an independent name. It is a Latin name that comes from 'lion'.

- Enzo
If you're looking for a trendy name that's short and punchy, Enzo is a good choice for you. More and more children are called that, especially in countries like Argentina. It is a name of German origin that means 'the lord of his abode'.

- Izan
You may know more than one boy named Izan, and that is a name that is being heard more and more. Izan (which you can also see spelled Ethan by its English variant) is a Hebrew name that means 'permanent'.

If you have finally evaluated all the options and you believe that Hugo is the best name for your baby, Don't forget to congratulate him every April 1!

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