Memory game made with plastic plugs for children

Memory game made with plastic plugs for children

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The memory game is a classic. It is so popular not only because it is a simple and easy game to play at home, but also because it helps stimulate a child's concentration and attention. And, of course, it helps you boost your memory.

You don't need to buy a memory game, we suggest you make your own at home with recycling material. You just have to save a few plastic caps, follow our step by step and ... let's play!


  • 16 plastic caps (from bottles)
  • Colour cardboard
  • Felt pens
  • Scissors
  • White glue
  • Pink paint
  • Zeal
  • Tips: if you want you can paint the caps in another color

1. Paint all the plugs in the color you like best.

2. Use a tape as a template to make rounds on cardstock or colored paper.

3. Paint pairs of pictures in the circles.

4. Stick the drawings on the inside of the caps and ... have fun playing!

Of course, this game benefits, above all, the memory of children. But there is more besides that. When they play the memory game, children:

1. They combine fun with education. They learn to relate figures and images

2. They gain dynamism

3. They stimulate your concentration and attention

4. They practice visual memory, that is, they learn to record what they saw through the sense of sight

5. They start to think faster

6. They accelerate their mental agility

7. They learn that to win you have to make an effort

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