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The stable dog. Children's stories for children

The stable dog. Children's stories for children

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A beautiful story with which children can learn important lessons as why not make fun of others. The stable dog It gives us a lesson in humility and dignity. Seeing that the cows make fun of his work, the dog leaves the barn. When the cows don't see the dog again, they miss him and learn to respect him. A story with a simple and beautiful moral for children.

In a stable near a large pasture they lived30 vain cows and a German shepherd dog. Every day the cows, very sure that they were very important to their owner, wagged their tails, looking at each other for long periods of time before paying attention to theShepherd dog who, encouraged, leaped to lead them to pasture.

Then, without much haste, little by little they were going to eat. The dog jumped showing the way, running, barking, and telling the cows which way to get to the great pasture:

- Over here ladies! Here!. Come on, hurry up, it's time to arrive. Ladies lined up to cross the stream, the little dog barked.

The cows made fun of the dog:

- We are important, we are the cows, we give milk to our master, so we set the pace, not this stupid dog that is made of jumps, races and gives nothing to the master

Every day it was the same, the cows looked at the dog over their shoulders, while the dog tried to order them between runs, barks and animated jumps.

One night, when we got to the barn, the exhausted dog lay to the side and heard the cows making fun of his work, 'That useless dog thinks he's taking us and he doesn't know that we are taking him to our pasture ha ha ha'. They laughed making a fuss 'Who needs that dog?' That night, the dog fell asleep crying.

At dawn the dog decided not to continue grazing those vain cowss and went in search of other more grateful animals who would recognize his work. When it was time to go out to the pasture, the cows wagged their tails waiting for the skinny dog ​​to come jumping and barking to go out into the field again, but they did not hear barking or see jumps.

You could only hear the master calling 'Tarzan! Tarzan! Where are you?'. The morning passed and their big stomachs began to roar. The cows were already waiting to be able to leave, but they saw later that the annoying master was only bringing them hay. 'And what happened to our walk?', The cows said while they ate while ruminating, 'Did the useless dog forget that we are important?' and so the cows spent the day mocking, laughing and criticizing the dog.

The next day, by not going out to the field, the vain cows were getting bored, but once again they did not hear the barking of the useless dog, they only saw the master bringing them hay, 'I think that we will not go out to the field today either', 'Surely those rich pastures must already be growing and we will stay here heated', said the cows chewing their hay.

In the remainder of the day, the cows continued to argue over who was to blame for the dog's flight 'It was your fault for not rushing', 'No, it was yours for not standing in line', 'No, it was yours for getting wet in the stream when we came back '… They blamed each other without finding the person responsible. One more day passed and the tired cows resigned themselves to their confinement.

It was when he did not go out to the field and moo his boredom, when suddenly one of the cows said with a great sigh: 'I miss the dog', 'Yes, I miss his barking', 'and I his jumping with joy', 'and I I miss the one who walks us around giving orders like a sergeant ',' ah! but the dog was good, he took us out early regardless of the cold, heat or winter rain ',' Yes, he always thought of us and our food, of getting us grass and the most tender '.

And on that third day the cows became sad and did not give milk because of sadness they almost did not eat. The oak goldfinch growing by the side of the barn heard the wailing of sad cows and went to find the dog. He flew all day searching and searching and at the end of the afternoon he found the dog, lying on the side of an anthill with a pitted snout and a sad face.

'At last I find you dog. I've been looking for you all over the field, 'said the goldfinch.

- Why were you looking for me? Asked the dog

- For you to return to the stable, replied the goldfinch

- But they don't need me there. Those vain cows do not love or respect me, and I do not want that, so I went to look for other herds, said the dog.

And followed:

- I went to the bees, they stung me, and they did not care, they kept flying to the flowers they wanted. I went to the ducks, I tried to guide them in the water but swimming is too tiring for a dog. Then I went to some worms that I found in a tree, but they walked very slowly, and as much as I barked, the next day they were butterflies, they left, flew, and went very far. Now I'm here trying to tell these ants where to go, but they passed without looking at me, I barked at them, jumped at them and they just dodged my leg and kept going.

- That's why you must return, said the goldfinch. The cows are sad, they can't even give milk since you left, I heard them say yesterday that they missed you and that if you came back they would never make fun of you.

- Did they say that? The dog was delighted

And then the dog left for the barn, barked and hopped, still wagging its tail.

The next morning the cows heard the loud barking, they got ready early to go out to the pasture, and the happy dog ​​led them away barking saying:

- Ladies, good morning, we are going to the country.

And that's how they became friends and never fought again. And the goldfinch was able to sleep without mockery, without guilt or complaint in the oak next to the barn.


1. What role did Tarzan the dog play on the farm?

2. What was the reaction of the cows to Tarzan's orders?

3. What did the dog do when he learned that the cows were making fun of him?

4. What happened to the cows when the dog left?

5. What did the farmer do?

6. Why has the dog returned to the farm?

7. What else did you like about this story?

8. What have you learned from this story?

Story sent by Patricia Gallegos Tejada (Peru)
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