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Parents' expendable fear of kids getting bored

Parents' expendable fear of kids getting bored

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We have bought the multitasking model for many years: doing many things at the same time all the time. We are the society of doing; the more the better, the more, the more personal value we believe we have. Inactivity, which would be at the other extreme, is not well regarded, we associate it with laziness, laziness, reluctance, waste of time ... This makes it exist a parent's fear that their children will be bored or have nothing to do. But, did you know that boredom can be very beneficial for your children?

When we do nothing appears the dreaded boredom from which we desperately flee hooking ourselves to the first thing that arises and rescues us from it. Boredom frustrates, saddens or angers us because we falsely believe that the rest of humanity is engaged in something and we are the only ones who do not know what to do, and that marks us as less valuable and interesting.

Let's consider at this point the role of social media, where all the users are shown doing interesting things, in great places, with perfect bodies and advertisement smiles.

And it turns out not doing and invoking boredom has a very positive side, a time of doing nothing invites us to creativity, silence, to internalize, to think ... To simply BE. Learning to do nothing is a challenge in these times. If we lose our fear of it, we will see that it is a very fertile time, where among other things we find ourselves.

In the case of children, we are adults who, from this model that we have been describing, fill their time up to the last second. It is wonderful and highly recommended to stimulate our children so that they acquire increasingly complex skills, knowledge and competencies, but on many occasions we fall into overstimulation: a 'non stop' of activities, one after another, almost compulsively, a kind of 'horror vacui' (horror of emptiness).

Many of these activities nowadays involve having a screen in front of, which would not even be exactly doing, but rather passively consuming a stimulus already created and closed ... And it is that in these cases, the child does little or nothing ... It is only of wasting time.

This being the case, when for some reason in the child's time a space without activity opens (that 'vacui', empty) the three-headed monster appears that is the dreaded boredom. Being able to open up to stop the machine and do nothing, provides the child with an experience that will bring unsuspected benefits such as creativity, fantasy, self-knowledge ...

Children need spaces of 'emptiness' to place themselves inside and allow experiences to pose, to fantasize, dream and create, to think and find themselves.

Therefore, do not be afraid that your children will get bored from time to time, do not go quickly to fill that space, try not to facilitate the screen of turn ... Stop dreading those downtimeFeeds in you the certainty that, in addition to being necessary, they are tremendously profitable.

If you do, I invite you to to see what happens when your children are bored. They often invent something, have a new idea and also tend to be calmer. So the next time your children tell you that 'I'm bored', don't do anything; or better yet, invite them to find their own entertainment. They may at first try to resist or complain that you don't do anything to make them have fun. However, you will see that they will soon awaken their creativity.

It should be noted that what has been said so far describes a positive boredom and, as we have stated, desirable. But there is also a harmful and harmful boredom that persists and lasts over time.

This is more related to lethargy, apathy, inhibition, lack of motivation ... It could even be indicative of more complex problems such as depressive pictures. In this case we would probably have to have the help of a professional. It is very easy to distinguish between them:

- Positive boredom
This type of boredom is desirable, does not last long and is fertile, it occurs in short spaces between activities.

- Negative boredom
However, this is not beneficial. It is prolonged in time and becomes a loop from which nothing is born but more boredom and laziness. Without a doubt it is a symptom of something more important that as parents we will have to attend to.

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