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Bleeding in the first weeks of pregnancy

Bleeding in the first weeks of pregnancy

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Vaginal bleeding can occur at any time during pregnancy, from conception to the birth of the baby. However, the importance of this fact will vary depending on the weeks of pregnancy in which the woman is. We must differentiate between spotting and bleeding.

We refer to staining when the amount is so small that it does not cover or soak a compress, it can be reddish or already brown (clotted blood). It can be common in early pregnancy, it is what we call 'implantation spotting'; sometimes it also occurs after intercourse, because the vagina is very swollen, and friction can cause a slight spot of blood to appear, mixed with discharge (usually pink).

The bleeding, on the other hand, is of greater magnitude in terms of quantity and relevance; The use of sanitary napkins is necessary to prevent clothing from soaking.

In both cases, it is advisable to inform the midwife or gynecologist to determine the origin of the bleeding or spotting.

- Intercourse, edema and vaginal dryness are usually the causes

- Vaginal infection

- Bleeding due to implantation in the uterus

- Hormonal changes

- Threatened abortion

- Spontaneous abortion, loss of pregnancy before the embryo or fetus can live spontaneously.

- Ectopic pregnancy: the location of the pregnancy is not in the uterus, but in the tubes, ovaries ... Besides bleeding, it usually causes a lot of pain.

- Molar pregnancy, the embryo does not form properly.

In the event that bleeding occurs and the pregnancy continues, the diagnosis we usually give is that of 'threatened abortion', and we usually recommend rhythm for a bit; even relative rest, getting away from stress…. Do not have sexual intercourse, since orgasm causes uterine contractions, do not use douches and tampons.

Sometimes, in some cases, the woman may be instructed to take medication, in order to maintain the uterus at rest. It is usually progesterone, a hormone that is released during pregnancy.

Very profuse bleeding may require hospitalization, but it is rare.

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